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Where Retired Professionals can exchange their new found currency – TIME.


ARC (Active Retiree Community) is conceived and developed as a social-economic organization, whose main objective is to provide a program for retired or soon-to-retire executives to come together to identify ways to occupy their abundantly available time with:

  • meaningful purposes, and
  • beneficial application of their career experience and expertise.



ARC offers a stimulating environment for exchange of ideas and continuous contribution and collaboration amongst its members. This is achieved through 4 distinct Exchanges:

  • Network Exchange – where members come together
  • Ideas Exchange – where members share ideas
  • Projects Exchange – where ideas are developed to projects
  • Services Exchange – where projects lead to service engagements.



The 4 Exchanges at ARC provide an environment to stimulate exchange and realization of ideas. Often in an executive’s career, ideas generated were ‘shelved’ due to a number of reasons, e.g., no time, no resources, no solution, etc. An opportunity to exchange such ideas in the ARC program by one member may find reciprocal resonance from another, resulting in the realization of what may be something unreachable before.


The body may show wear and tear but the brain stays healthy and active for far longer. Golden age is no longer a deterrent and through the right channels, there are still much to contribute. ARC serves this purpose well as it takes into consideration the strengths and limitations.
Willie CHAN
Retired corporate professional Singapore
ARC is an excellent anti-aging solution. The services offered by the program enable retirees to proactively participate in developing meaningful engagements, which will keep their minds in an active state. An active mind is important to maintaining good health.
James Yao
Retired founder of venture capital company
I think ARC is a great initiative. In my work, I know that quite a number of retired executives would like to stay active after their retirement, and pass their knowledge and experience on to the next generation of business leaders. However, there appears to be limited recognition and support from various parts of our society to leverage and capitalize on this immense resource.
J. v.d. BERG
Head of case writing in university Hong Kong
The world is changing. Today, healthcare and technology prolong life well beyond traditional limits. The social system of retirement no longer meets the demographic reality. In the new workplace, where distributed employment is the norm, age is no longer a barrier to the young or to the post-retirement cohort that hope to make a difference. Helping society to understand this change is the real issue.
A veteran journalist and public policy advisor in East Asia Hong Kong
Through ARC, not only can I share my well-learned experience in the past 30 years, I can also learn from others in the community. I believe we are never too old to learn. Live and Learn till my last day.
Bethia YUEN
Retired professional in information technology Vancouver
Executives usually retire around the age of 60. Most of them have a wealth of experience and still energetic. ARC will be able to provide a channel to transfer their energy and experience into positive contribution to society.
Alex Yiu
Accounting professional with over 40 years of experience

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